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Technology Facebook Partners With Suicide Prevention Group To Identify Warning Signs

The social network will help SAVE analyze posts from individuals who have committed suicide to try to find out how people approach their decision.

Technology Facebook Profile Pictures May Go On Display In International Art Galleries

An initiative is currently trying to raise one million ‘likes’ in order to showcase its fans photos in the Louvre, National Portrait Gallery, or the MET.

Advertising 16 Stories You Need To Know Today

Disney serving alcohol in the Magic Kingdom, Americans spending most internet time on Facebook, and Google Maps track our summer vactions...Links to start your day with.

Work Can Your Facebook Profile Be Used To Determine Your Performance At Work?

Study finds that people's online personas can be evaluated to determine key personality traits and therefore skills and abilities.

Technology Facebook Announces Lots Of Improvements In Its Latest Update

These include minor changes to your profile and sharing options like inline profile controls, tag reviews, and post locations.

Design The History Of America In Facebook Updates [Infographic]

The New York Times paid tribute to Independence Day with a graphic Facebook profile of the United States.

Facebook To Offer Facial Recognition Tagging

A new feature called "tag suggestions," will suggest which friends are featured in which photos, offering an easier photo tagging experience.

Advertising (Data Visualization) The Mythical United States of Facebook

Former Apple engineer Peter Warden has created a data visualization depicting local patterns in the 210 million profiles that populate Facebook.