Advertising Free Wi-Fi Network Hijacked To Raise Awareness Of Domestic Abuse

UK wireless users may encounter a free Wi-Fi network that shows them a short campaign ad about domestic abuse when they connect to it

Design PSFK Picks: Top Five Health Innovations Of The Week

A 3D printed prosthetic hand and iPads that connect mothers to their babies in intensive care. The most innovative stories from the world of wellness.

Technology Munich Airport Offers FaceTime Help

Booths offer video chat assistance to travelers - and can even point the way.

Luxury Lexus Offers In-Vehicle Consults Over Mobile Video [Future Of Retail]

Car owners with questions will always have access to specialists- in person or via Facebook and FaceTime.

Home Trend: Shopper Coaching [Future Of Retail]

PSFK’s latest Future Of Retail report helps answer how retailers are helping customers with the theme 'teach me how to use this.'

Technology People Opt For Plastic Surgery To Look Better On Skype &: FaceTime [Headlines]

Worried about their appearances while video chatting, many men and women are getting cosmetic surgery procedures that target problem areas webcams expose.

Technology MobileASL: Delivering Sign Language Over Low Bandwidth Cell Phone Networks

Engineers are developing an efficient technology that will enable deaf people to communicate via mobile device.

Advertising Artist Draws Portraits Over FaceTime

A novel use of a new iPhone 4 feature.

Design Monocolumn: Steve Jobs Feels The Pressure To Perform

Steve Jobs is a showman. Instead of verbose PowerPoint slides, his presentations are known for screens with so few words on them that they’re almost terse. People are there to watch him.

Retail iPhone 4 Unveiled

The much-awaited update of Apple's iconic phone is here. We walk you through some of its new features.