Design How To Build A Maker Culture

Matt Webb, CTO at Mirum, describes why we might be looking in the wrong places for innovation

Advertising Museum Presents A Collection Of Failures From Around The World

The exhibition in Sweden is meant to celebrate the necessity of failure in accomplishing goals

Advertising High School-Organized TED Talks Inject Inspiration Into Traditional Curriculum [Video]

Silicon Valley high school students offer a new take on learning.

Syndicated What Caused The Twitter Blackout?

The two-hour failure is blamed on a 'cascading bug' that tripped up the microblogging website and caused a worldwide lockout. Hacking claims have been dismissed.

Retail Infographic: The Secret To A Successful Kickstarter Campaign [Headlines]

This data visualization created by shows that out of 45,815 projects to date 41 percent have failed. What sets the winners apart?

Three Day System-Wide Failure For Blackberry Users Results In Lawsuit [Headlines]

Consumers across five continents are suing Research in Motion after several days without email, text messaging, and internet browsing.

Innovation Seth Godin: The Alternative To Failure [Headlines]

"To the critic who decries a project as a worthless folly... we don’t need your sharp wit or enmity, please. Our culture needs your support instead."

Advertising Seth Godin: Toss Away The Broken, The Unbetterable [Headlines]

"When a not-so-good software tool or a habit or an agency or a policy has too much inertia to be fixed, when it's unbetterable, you're better off without it. Eliminating it will create a void, fertile territory for something much better to arrive."

Design The Power Of Embracing Failure

Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm have asked a number of creative leaders to discuss their 'fear of failure' for their upcoming exhibition 'Could Have. Might Have. Should Have.'

Technology Single Identity Internet Could Stifle Creativity

4chan founder presents the case for anonymity fueling creativity and experimentation.

Innovation frog design: FailForward - Why Successful Innovators Have to Learn How to Fail

Charles Kettering, Board Member of GM (1920-1947) famously noted that when it comes to innovation: “You don't know when you are going to get the thing, whether it’s going to work or not and whether it’s going to have any value whatsoever."

Design Learning From Failure

The FailFaire series brings people together for informal sessions to learn from less than optimal results.