Faris Yakob

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Entrepreneurs Faris and Rosie spent three years in 30+ countries—here, they tell us how they do it

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What is creativity, really? And is originality a myth? Faris Yakob gave a whirlwing masterclass in attention hacking at #PSFK2015. Here are the highlights.

Innovation Presenting: A PSFK 2015 Conference Masterclass in Attention Hacking

Learn how to hack the world's most valuable resource, attention, with Faris and Rosie Yakob

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Inspiration prints from a PSFK Labs education workshop at Barkley with Faris Yakob.

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Our first issue of Need To Know Magazine explores the subject of innovation.

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PSFK has teamed up with the General Assembly and Voyurl to hold a panel discussion asking what a better web might look like with consumers controlling their own data.

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The advertising planning expert argues that research should never be considered 'true.'

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In the fifth and final episode, the importance of taking action and making ideas happen is discussed by leading voices within the planning community.

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In the second episode, the importance of storytelling and clear, inspiring communication is discussed.