Advertising Chip Bags Track Potatoes Back To The Farm Where They Were Grown

Kettle Brand is tagging its bags of chips with codes that let customers see which farmers grew the potatoes for them

Design Low-Cost Greenhouse Designed To Assist Poor Farmers

Farmers in India may find some relief from climate change in the form of an economical structure from Kheyti

Food & Beverage How A Facebook For Farmers Makes Growing Food Cheaper

The new peer-to-peer network helps growers connect across 32 states

Technology Vertical Farm In Wyoming Will Offer Fresh Local Produce All Year Round

The multi-story operation will harvest a greater amount of fruits and vegetables in a controlled environment

Hellmann's Connects Tomato Farmers With Consumers

Condiment brand opens up farms to show consumers how they make ketchup

Home Online Grocer Delivers Exclusively Local Goods

Good Eggs connects shoppers with local farmers and foodmakers, enabling them to order items from multiple vendors for home delivery or pickup.

Technology Cattle Can Now Text Farmers When They Are Most Likely To Get Pregnant

Swiss researchers have developed a new sensor system for cows that sends an SMS alert when reproductive conditions are optimal.

Innovation NY State Farmers Collaborate With Foodbanks To Provide Fresh Produce

Cornell Gleaning Project helps vitamin rich food get to those who need it most.

Retail McDonald's To Launch Campaign Featuring The Farmers That Grow Their Food

The restaurant chain will run TV, print and digital ads focusing on some of its providers.

Luxury Huaxi: The Village That Towers Above China [Headlines]

A 328-supertower will open in a communist model community of just 2,000.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Need To Know: 10 Must Read Posts Of The Week Vol. 8

A Bing Initiative: A weekly round-up of the top ten most popular posts on PSFK--from culture to technology, art to business this list has it all.

Advertising Freshlist App Locates Nearest Shops Selling Fresh Produce

This app serves as a virtual marketplace connecting produce sellers to their buyers.

Luxury Speculation And The Engineering Of The Food Crisis

Frederick Kaufman discovers Goldman Sachs' pivotal role in the rising food prices that have led to a global problem.

Advertising Ed Cotton: Why Do We Trust Farmers?

What if the romantic notion and positive archetype of "farmer" is not accurate?