Advertising Zynga Unleashes New Social Network

The social games giant hopes to assuage investor concerns over stagnation by revealing their 'With Friends' platform.

Home Community Garden Lets Users Virtually Tend For Real Crops

Abbey Parks Farms will plant, grow and harvest crops on their land that people buy and manage virtually through iGrow.

Gaming & Play Online Social Game Play Declines 20% Among Girls 12-17 [Headlines]

A recent study finds a downward trend for online social game play- fewer girls and women are playing online social games, and perhaps more telling, Facebook has seen a 12% decline in profits from social games.

Advertising Gamers Purchase In-Game Items To Help Feed Hungry Children [Future Of Gaming]

Zynga partnered with American restaurant chain Pizza Hut to raise money for the World Bank’s 2011 World Hunger relief campaign by enabling in-game purchases of virtual items linked to charitable causes.

Innovation Round-Up: Insightful Ideas From Our 'Gaming For Good' Salon

Former Vice President Al Gore, Alex Bogusky and Aaron Dignan discuss various gaming concepts at PSFK's live event this past Friday that rise to the challenge of climate change.

Design Gaming For Good: Concepts To Support The Climate Reality Group

PSFK challenged top creative agencies worldwide to come up with gaming concepts that create awareness about the Climate Reality Project. Here is a shortlist of the top submissions.

Gaming & Play FarmVille To Mafia Wars - Games That Catapulted Zynga To A $20bn Valuation [Headlines]

With more than 232m monthly active users, here are the games that won the online game developer success.

Technology Capital One Promotions In CityVille, FarmVille & Pioneer Trail

Zynga is launching a Capital One integration with three of its popular online games.

Advertising Zynga Warns You That There Are Dangers Of Getting Rich [Headlines]

Online gaming company Zynga has grown to generate over $90 million in profits, and warns in its 'Risk Factors' section for a stock market prospectus that there will be wealth disparities amongst employees.

Innovation MyFarm: Online Farming Through Crowdsourcing

An ambitious new project challenges internet users around the world to run a real farm to help them appreciate how their food is produced.

Technology American Express Offers Virtual Gifts On FarmVille

As part of its "Social Currency" campaign, American Express gives members a free windmill, instant grow, and 50% off game cards.

Retail GagaVille: Lady Gaga Promotes New Album On FarmVille

Lady Gaga has partnered with Zynga on a multi-pronged collaboration to promote the release of her new album, Born This Way.

Advertising Frito-Lay Sets Facebook Guinness World Record

The brand set the Guinness World Record for "Most Fans on Facebook in 24 Hours," with 1,571,161 new "likes" on April 11, 2011.

Gaming & Play NewsCorp Plans Social Gaming Venture

The media giant delves into the lucrative business of social gaming.