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Innovation Man Repeller Subscription Boxes for Every Season

Leandra Medine hints at curated goodie boxes for fashion blog Man Repeller (MR) fans

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Shit Bloggers Wear features sketches of the most ridiculous pieces that style bloggers all seem to be wearing.

Advertising Macala Wright: Why Influencer Marketing Is Failing In Retail

The blurring of lines between earn and paid has created a lack of transparency and trust.

Retail Gap Online Catalog Gets Styled By Fashion Bloggers features items from the Spring 2012 collection, which can be bookmarked and shared.

Advertising Agencies Start To Represent 'The Next Influencers': Fashion Bloggers

The growing reputation of writers with their own blogs has led to them hiring agents for deals and advertising.

Home Social Media’s Evolving Role In Fashion Week

Now that the dust has settled from one of the more hectic fashion weeks in recent memories, just how were this season's events changed by the rapid shifts to the use of digital technology that took place this year?

Design Take On Ted

The world's first Twitter-operated styling studio goes live today, by Ted Baker.