Design Fashism Launches New Version Of Its iPhone App

The fashion advice app gets an update, with new photo editing tools.

Retail Future Of Retail: Fitting Room Redress

Retailers are re-evaluating the importance of the dressing room and realizing that this piece of store real-estate is a crucial tool that should be used to drive a customer to sale.

Advertising Future Of Retail: Social Currency

Retailers are rethinking the value of a shopper based on the history and potential of that individual’s spend and also on the influence of their social graphs.

Advertising Future Of Retail: Scanned Shoppers

In an effort to reduce some of the guesswork involved in shopping, retailers are integrating customer recognition technologies into their store environments, providing highly tailored recommendations to consumers.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Ashton Kutcher: A Future In Hedge Funds?

A closer look at Ashton Kutcher's smart technology investments offers some ideas on growing startups, and may reveal some patterns of success.

Innovation (Video) PSFK SALON NY: How Technology Is Changing Retail And Marketing

Watch our recent panel discussion featuring Ashley Granata, co-founder of Fashism, Sam Feuer, creator of FastMall and Leighann Farrelly, Community Manager at Yelp.

Home PSFK SALON NY: Innovation In Fashion

PSFK is hosting a morning of inspirational talks highlighting innovative ideas that are impacting the fashion business.

Gaming & Play Fashism: Crowdsourcing Style Through Your Cell Phone

The problem with online shopping is that its, well, online. Until we have photorealistic 3D avatars of ourselves, it will always be better to try things on IRL. But the truth is, we dress for other people, and we often need outside opinions when deciding what to buy. So we shop with friends or, more often, end up returning half of our purchases. Though perhaps you have snapped a photo of an item with your cellphone and sent it to a friend. This is what Brooke Moreland and Joe Weisenthal noticed people doing, which gave them an idea: “Wouldn't it be cool if you got a personalized review about how something looked on you “in real life”, before you made the purchase?”