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Advertising Interview: Taco Bell Offers Fans Meme Culture-Inspired Holiday Merchandise Via Amazon

This holiday season, fans of tex-mex chain Taco Bell will be able to purchase branded gift wrap exclusively on Amazon Canada, part of the restaurant's efforts to maintain its reputation for fun and out-of-the-box activations

Brand Activation & Immersion Gamers Can Create A Virtual Burger King Whopper To Receive A Free One IRL

Red Dead Redemption players in Sweden can virtually collect all of the ingredients for the fast-food chain's famous burger and register their inventory to receive a free burger

Cafe & Restaurant Tex-Mex Foodies Can Book Private Parties At Taco Bell

Fans of the Tex-Mex-inspired restaurant can fête their special event with its Party by Taco Bell service, responding to customers' tendency to celebrate occasions from prom to birthdays with visits to the chain

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Sandwich Chain's Frictionless Payment System Lets Customers Tap And Go

Jimmy John's sandwich shop is letting customers tap their phones or use a mobile wallet to pay, streamlining transactions while also permitting better purchase tracking

Automotive Popeyes Rewards Contest Winners With A Year Of Free Chicken

To highlight the 12 hours it takes to marinate its chicken, the fast food brand is inviting contest participants to drive the 12-hour journey from Stockton, Texas to New Orleans, Louisiana to receive 12 months of chicken

Food & Beverage TGI Fridays Encourages On-Site Customer Feedback To Improve Reviews

TGI Fridays is integrating review technology into the checkout process, enabling customers to give feedback seamlessly as well as allowing the restaurant to address concerns on-site to preempt negative online reviews

Delivery & Logistics Little Caesars Patrons Can Pick Up Their Pizzas From In-Store Lockers

The pizza chain is hoping to entice customers by letting them order ahead from their phone and pick up their food without wait or human interaction

Shopper Marketing & Promotions Subway Appeals To Customers With Weather-Appropriate Ads

Using an AI-powered tool from IBM, the sandwich chain boosted sales over 30% by enabling advertisements that change in accordance with weather, accounting for climate-related appetite vicissitudes

Automotive Denny's Mobile Diner Brings Aid To Hurricane Florence Victims

The vehicle, which contains a fully-functional diner and was previous deployed during California wildfires, serves free food to the victims of natural disasters

Loyalty & Membership Burger King Offers Customers Hamburger Insurance For Swedish Summer BBQ Ban

Burger King is helping preserve one of the scandinavian nation's beloved summer pastimes, offering a whopper each day of the ban for those enrolled in its program

Transactions & Payments Service Provides Fast-Food Chain Customers Digital Itemized Receipts

Assisted by fintech company Flux, restaurant Itsu is making it easier for merchants to analyze data and continue their crusade to kill the paper receipt, while also streamlining transactions for customers

Food & Beverage KFC Invited Viewers To Take Control Of Its Cat-Themed Live Stream Using Emojis

The activation involved cats playing on a massive, robotic Colonel Sanders climbing structure and encouraged viewer participation

Shopper Marketing & Promotions Domino's Lets Customers Purchase Food Through Snapchat Filter

The fast food chain let people order from its nearby restaurants by creating clickable augmented pizza boxes on the social media platform

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Chick-Fil-A Debuts Fresh-Ingredient Meal Kits To Aid Customers' Home Cooking

The fast-food chain is making its way into consumers' homes in a new way, providing customers the ingredients and recipes they need to prepare wholesome meals