Design 3D Printed Tap Works as Faucet and Drinking Fountain

Inspired rethinking of water tap concept couples with 3D print prototyping to potentially revolutionize the water tap

Design Faucet Handle Twist Lets You Operate with Dirty Hands

Industrial designer eliminates the need to clean your faucet after use

Advertising Indie Designers Transform Bathroom Faucets Into Wearable Jewelry [Video]

Moen creates a line of necklaces made from their hardware to highlight the aesthetic quality of their product.

Innovation Bathroom Faucet Injects Air Into The Water To Cut Consumption In Half [Pics]

"Empty Water" concept designed by Philippe Starck could be a big boost for the environment and your water bill.

Design Dyson Patents Hybrid Sink And Hand Dryer For Public Washrooms

The company envision an all-in-one stop by integrating the washing and drying actions.

Home Pour A Glass Of Sparkling Water Straight From The Tap

A refreshing beverage, or boiling water, can now be served at home just by turning on the faucet.

Design Faucet Streams Boiling Hot Water To Eliminate Need For Tea Kettle

The Grohe Red faucet has an added knob that can instantly provide boiling hot water at 99°c and can store up to 3 liters.

Innovation IBM Reveals How Much Water Is Really Wasted By A Dripping Faucet? [Infographic]

IBM infographic series points out how this key resource is being wasted through faulty urban infrastructure.

Advertising The Renshui Touchpad Faucet

A hi-tech and aesthetically designed version of a common bathroom fixture.

Home Faucet Retrofit Provides Simple Solution For Water Conservation

The "Smart Faucet" by Gaiam provides a simple solution for water conversation in the home, delivering water on-demand.

Design The Touch Activated Faucet

Gizmodo points us to Delta's innovative Touch Sensitive Faucet, and they report that the touch sensitivity works just right.