Loyalty & Membership Waze Collaborates With Fiat To Create A Navigation-Friendly Car

This is the first car to incorporate Waze into its design and technology, the navigation app being integrated into the vehicle's dashboard, and offers users a more convenient and seamless driving experience

Automotive You Can Now Buy A Fiat Car Through Amazon

The partnership gives Italians the opportunity to buy a vehicle online at a discounted price

Advertising Tiny Chefs, Sunburned Dolls, Missing Persons in Our Most Creative Videos

Technology helps non-Fiat drivers parallel park, Brazilians find their missing loved ones and restaurant patrons enjoy their pre-meal wait

Advertising Flip Fiat's 500X Car with Your Hands

A Fiat-Microsoft promotional display ripped from the screens of a summer blockbuster

Design Solar Eclipse Illuminates Lexus Compact City Car

Lexus designers looked beyond themselves to visually maximize the Lexus LF-SA concept

Home FIAT Uses Weather-Specific Guerrilla Ads to Promote 2015 SUV

Rain-activated activation heralds the updated Panda Cross

Gaming & Play PSFK’s Trending Topic: Automakers Lure Buyers In With Games And Movies [Video]

Automobile brands are doing away with traditional ads and are using innovative ways to attract customers.

Advertising Fiat Turns Car Seats Into A Theater For Live Plays [Video]

Viewers watch surreal performances unravel while they sit comfortably in the brand's 500 model.

Home Digital Dealership Lets Shoppers Take Cars For A Spin From Home [Video]

Fiat's Live Store will enhance the overall online consumer experience, which will shorten the purchase-decision process.

Advertising Nude Contortionists Molded Into A Living Car [Video]

Fiat's latest ad presents the Fiat 500 Abarth in a whole new way.

Design Fiat Creates Car-Shaped Fridges

Smeg and the iconic Italian car brand unexpectedly collaborate on a design project.

Technology PSFK's Top Five Stories Of The Week

Wrangler releases moisturizing jeans and IBM predicts steampunk will be a major fashion trend. We review the best in design, culture, art, fashion.

Syndicated Fiat Introduces A Modern View Of Motherhood

The auto company has released a new music video length ad featuring the modern mum who 'does it all.'

Design Fiat Incorporates Hands-Free Social Media Access Into Cars

The ‘Social Drive’ feature of new Fiat models keeps drivers connected to social media, while keeping their eyes on the road.