Loyalty & Membership Waze Collaborates With Fiat To Create A Navigation-Friendly Car

This is the first car to incorporate Waze into its design and technology, the navigation app being integrated into the vehicle's dashboard, and offers users a more convenient and seamless driving experience

Advertising Tiny Chefs, Sunburned Dolls, Missing Persons in Our Most Creative Videos

Technology helps non-Fiat drivers parallel park, Brazilians find their missing loved ones and restaurant patrons enjoy their pre-meal wait

Advertising Flip Fiat's 500X Car with Your Hands

A Fiat-Microsoft promotional display ripped from the screens of a summer blockbuster

Design Solar Eclipse Illuminates Lexus Compact City Car

Lexus designers looked beyond themselves to visually maximize the Lexus LF-SA concept

Home FIAT Uses Weather-Specific Guerrilla Ads to Promote 2015 SUV

Rain-activated activation heralds the updated Panda Cross

Gaming & Play PSFK’s Trending Topic: Automakers Lure Buyers In With Games And Movies [Video]

Automobile brands are doing away with traditional ads and are using innovative ways to attract customers.

Advertising Fiat Turns Car Seats Into A Theater For Live Plays [Video]

Viewers watch surreal performances unravel while they sit comfortably in the brand's 500 model.

Home Digital Dealership Lets Shoppers Take Cars For A Spin From Home [Video]

Fiat's Live Store will enhance the overall online consumer experience, which will shorten the purchase-decision process.

Advertising Nude Contortionists Molded Into A Living Car [Video]

Fiat's latest ad presents the Fiat 500 Abarth in a whole new way.

Design Fiat Creates Car-Shaped Fridges

Smeg and the iconic Italian car brand unexpectedly collaborate on a design project.

Technology PSFK's Top Five Stories Of The Week

Wrangler releases moisturizing jeans and IBM predicts steampunk will be a major fashion trend. We review the best in design, culture, art, fashion.

Syndicated Fiat Introduces A Modern View Of Motherhood

The auto company has released a new music video length ad featuring the modern mum who 'does it all.'

Design Fiat Incorporates Hands-Free Social Media Access Into Cars

The ‘Social Drive’ feature of new Fiat models keeps drivers connected to social media, while keeping their eyes on the road.

Innovation New Fiat Replaces The Cup Holder With An Built-In Espresso Machine

Users will soon be able to brew fresh coffee right inside their car.