Advertising A24 Hosts Free Film Screenings In The Communities That Inspired Them

The studio's Public Access series will project films like Moonlight and Lady Bird on billboards across the country, proving that screenings, too, can be experiential

Food & Beverage Beer Drinkers Can Use Brew To Develop Their Own Kodak Photos

Kodak and Delaware-based brewery Dogfish Head collaborated on a beer with a pH capable of developing Kodak Super 8 film, dubbing the brew "analog beer for a digital age"

Entertainment Moviepass Competitor Offers Members Unlimited Flicks

Sinemia aims to shake up the movie subscription market with its unlimited plan, offering additional incentives like free 2D and 3D tickets as well as reserved seats and private screenings

Beauty How Brands Are Focusing On Live-Stream Content To Generate Excitement And Drive Sales

From fashion and beauty retailers to the realm of food and beverage, brands are focusing their efforts on enabling live shoppable content, catering to the instant gratification trend among consumers as well as building better rapport with their audience

Brand Activation & Immersion FujiFilm Offers Consumers Instant Noodles Shaped Like Its Film Canisters

The photography brand is promoting its name as well as analogue film by launching film-themed noodles, encouraging purchasers to share photos of their eats on social media

Brand Activation & Immersion Mini-Series Directed By Spike Lee Explores The Lives Of Uber Drivers

Amid a revamp of its company culture, the ridesharing platform partners with the activist director to show users how Uber celebrates the diversity of its drivers, helping reinforce a positive brand image and connecting with consumers through artistic and emotional appeals

Shopper Marketing & Promotion Interactive Media Puts Audiences In Charge Of Content

A crop of movies and TV series are allowing viewers to vote on plot developments, choose-your-own-adventure style

Health Bio-Triggered Ad Campaign Is Activated By The Viewer's Heartbeat

After debuting at the Tribeca Film Festival, the movie Corazon created a billboard that seeks to engage viewers while raising awareness for organ donation

Store Experience & Design AR Turns 7-Elevens Into Movie-Promoting Gamezones

An engaging form of advertisement promotes the second installment of the popular Deadpool franchise - and gets people into stores

Retail AI Is Working To Make Moviegoers More Emotional

An AI algorithm can predict which parts of a film will generate the greatest emotional responses in audiences

Design Netflix Is Personalizing Graphic Design To Individual Viewers

Netflix announced how their algorithm changes artwork based on a viewer's preferences from the past

Delivery & Logistics Looking To 2018, Can Netflix Conquer Cinema?

As the global streaming giant bypasses the multiplexes with 80 new films of its own in 2018, the way we watch movies is changing—and Hollywood isn’t happy

Advertising Twitter Billboard Ads Broadcast Live Hype About The New Star Wars Movie

For the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Disney teamed up with Twitter to showcase tweets surrounding the film

Entertainment Amazon Is Bringing The Sundance Film Festival To Prime Viewers

15 films are currently streaming, including Manifesto starring Cate Blanchett