Merchandising & Curation Samsung's Ambient Mode Makes Televisions Useful When Turned Off

The technology giant aims to fully utilize the downtime of T.V. screens, which home owners can enhance via a mobile app, turning the monitor into a painting, photo slide or even making it blend into the wall

Shopper Marketing & Promotion Ritz-Carlton Conveys Its Guest Experience Through Short Films By Up-And-Coming Directors

In partnership with Hearst Media, the luxury hotel brand will hold a film contest to help capture what it's like to stay in one of its properties, potentially exposing the next big director as well as artfully advertising its guest experience

Design Zoetrope Windows Make Hyperloop Transportation More Scenic

The optical illusion could make some reluctant travelers more comfortable with tube-system commutes

Advertising Facebook Just Created A New Unit of Time

The social network's VR division came up with a new unit to measure individual frames in digital video

Technology Filmmaker's "Bad Idea" Becomes One-Of-A-Kind Samsung Commercial

Made in collaboration with Samsung, filmmaker Max Joseph turned his "bad idea" for a car advertisement into animated art

Entertainment AI Is Working To Make Moviegoers More Emotional

An AI algorithm can predict which parts of a film will generate the greatest emotional responses in audiences

Advertising 4 Projects Bringing Entertainment Across Platforms

PSFK takes a look at some recent ways the entertainment industry has expanded its reach, from Stranger Things design to Harry Potter gaming

Automotive Augmented Reality Windshields Are Getting Closer With Latest Tech Leap

Continental’s new DMD projection technology puts information right in a driver's line of sight

Design A Look Into Branding The New York Women's Surf Film Festival

A celebration of female surfers and filmmakers comes to life through retro-inspired visuals

Technology Kodak Brings The Insta-Print Camera To The Digital Age

The camera company have developed a new camera for those who miss the days of instantly-printing their photos

Design Power Drill Animates A Stop-Frame Animation

For artist Federico Tobon, sometimes the best creations are made with non-artistic tools

Design Photo Series Captures Objects Cascading Through Mid Air In Natural Landscapes

Artist Charlie Kitchen looks at analog photography through a new lens

Entertainment Warner Bros And Intel Give The Film ‘Dunkirk’ A VR Treatment

Christopher Nolan’s newest blockbuster receives a VR tie-in to further put the audience in the experience of the film

Design Russian Artists "Erase" A Car By Painting Photoshop Pattern Over It

For the STENOGRAFFIA street art festival, a group of artists made a car look like it was cut out of a picture