Cardboard Picture Frames Bring Instagram Filters Into The Analog World [Pics]

Bruno Ribeiro's “Real Life Instagram” project placed physical Instagram frames with built-in colored plastic filters around sites in London.

Technology Google Platform Aggregates World Constitutions For Political Enthusiasts

An online database collates all political documents from countries all over the globe.

Technology Digital Camera Automatically Uploads Photos To Social Networks

TheQ camera allows users to take and upload photos directly to sites like Twitter and Tumblr.

Technology Famous Historical Images Revamped As Instagram Shots [Pics]

Writer Dave Nuttycombe updated some historical photos, making them appear as if they were taken with an iPhone and have had filters added.

Advertising Animation Film Pays Tribute To Various Photoshop Filters [Video]

Programming aficionados create an homage to the much-loved application.

Design Turn Instagram Prints Into Large-Scale Artworks

Instathis transforms Instagram pics into masterpieces with this new tool.

Home 11 Stories You Need To Know Today

How much is Twitter worth, Apple looks towards India and bye bye Pope Benedict XVI...links to start your day with.

Analog Instagram Filter Wheel For DSLR Cameras

This accessory allows photographers to take lo-fi pictures inspired by the Holga camera.

Video Instagram For Movies Turns Short Clips Into Music Videos

Smule's new app, Strum, is described adds filters to moving images.

Advertising 40% Of Social Media Accounts Are Run By Spammers [Headlines]

Websites like Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter are hotbeds for online advertising scams now that email filters have reduced traditional audiences.

Technology Google-Style Search Helps You Find People When Facebook Fails

Ark, a new search platform is designed specifically to find humans rather than data.

Design New Filtered Water Bottle Uses Ancient All-Natural Japanese Technique

Black + Blum's new Eau Good water bottle uses a stick of active carbon called Binchotan.

Technology Seth Godin: Do You Have A Filter Hierarchy (Yet)? [Headlines]

"How do you rank the incoming? How do you decide what to expose yourself to next?"