Brand Activation & Immersion This Sustainable Hotel In Finland Will Charge Its Guests Based On Emissions

With eco-friendly options and nature-based activities, visitors to the upcoming Arctic Blue Hotel can lower costs by being more eco-friendly

Case Study Finnair's Sustainable Travel E-Concierge Curates Personalized Trips

The Finnish airline now offers a portal where international visitors can plan their customized, sustainable Nordic vacation in one place, including trips for almost every kind of tourist

Automotive Muji Helped Design A Weather-Proof Autonomous Shuttle Bus

The Japanese retailer known for its minimalist aesthetic helped design a self-driving bus called Gacha, created with safety in mind and put to the test in Finland's most hazardous weather conditions

Cafe & Restaurant Sustainable Bistro Shows How Design Can Reduce Food Waste

The NYC pop-up curated by Finnish designers educated visitors on the possibility of design and food production that conserves and reuses resources while still offering delectable meals

Technology How AI Can Help People Improve Their Communication Skills

As concerns abound regarding degradation of social skills in an increasingly digitized world, new applications teach humans emotional and communicative intelligence

Design Capsule Hotel Elevates Micro-Lodging With Saunas For Guests

Schemata Architects designed a new hotel in Tokyo that features saunas as well as sleeping pods to improve the experience

Advertising Finnish Railways Made A 13-Hour Escape Room Game On One Of Its Trains

The escape room was put on a train where participants had to solve puzzles in a murder mystery during a 13-hour journey

Delivery & Logistics How Third Space Communities Can Support Your Brand

In our latest Advertising Playbook, we explore how marketers can resonate with customers by providing them with memories

Loyalty & Membership Finnish Pet Store Creates World’s First Dog Loyalty Program

The Biscuit smart collar is an RFID chip that can recognize when individual dogs enter the store, as well as store their personal information

Food & Beverage McDonalds Has Debuted The McVegan In Finland

The fast food chain is testing out the appeal and branding of meatless products

Food & Beverage Scientists Have Figured Out How To Turn Carbon Dioxide Into Food

With electrolysis, a bioreactor can create a food powder containing protein, carbs and other nutrients

Design Farming Module Is A High-Tech Solution For Urban Environments

EkoFARMER is a renovated container for growing ecological local food

Retail Program Alerts Shoppers To Discounts On Soon-To-Expire Food

Froodly is a new app that allows shop owners to get rid of unwanted inventory by discounting it and sending out an alert to nearby shoppers

Advertising Anti-Violence Ads Appear Within Hours Of Real Crime

To raise awareness of domestic violence in Finland, these PSAs pop up after a 911 call