Design AR Displays On Firefighter Helmets Could Make The Job Safer

C-THRU goes inside of a firefighter's helmet to provide an augmented reality overlay of a building with thermal imaging that makes it easier to navigate

Innovation Redesigned Fire Hydrant Is Rust-Proof, Tamper-Proof

The tamper-proof and maintenance-free Sigelock Spartan is designed to address the problems of hydrants today.

Design Sneakers With Headlights To Keep Joggers Safe

Concept sneakers with built-in sensors can detect environmental hazards and light the path ahead.

Innovation Ingestible Pill Monitors Firefighter’s Vitals To Ensure Safety

A new capsule is being tested in Australia that tracks stats like body temperature and respiration rate while emergency services workers are on the job.

Technology Headset Allows Firefighters To See Beyond Smoke

Golden-i is a head-mounted computer that contains a camera, GPS, micro-display, speech recognition, and gesture control.

Innovation Next Generation 911 Will Accept Texts, Photos & Videos

The FCC has announced its plan to update the ways people can report emergencies.

Design Networked Gloves Help Firefighters Communicate Efficiently

A wearable accessory allows rescue teams to operate better in challenging conditions.