first aid

Health This First Aid Kit Teaches Anyone To Become An Emergency Life Saver

A first aid kit complete with an interactive app and instructions will enable bystanders to turn into emergency responders

Design Emotional First Aid Kit Helps People Through Stressful Situations

Graduate designer Rui Sun created an emotional first aid kit made up of five different items to teach others about physically treating mental pain

Infants Baby Onesie Displays Steps For Emergency Care

First aid charity St. John Ambulance created the design with lifesaving information easily readable on its front

Luxury Luxury, Hand-Made Survival Kits for a Stylish Apocalypse

From water rations and bandaids to high-end treats, these satchels offer sleek comfort in the face of disaster

Home Ambulance Drone Delivers First-Aid Supplies on Demand

High-speed emergency delivery of first aid supplies can save lives with this latest drone

Advertising The Top Health Innovations Of 2013

From the weird and wacky to the genuinely adventurous, here are the most popular health innovations that got our readers talking.

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Android takes over Hyundai and Kia as YouTube will begin charging per view.

Inflatable Cast Immobilizes Injured Area Within Seconds [Video]

A blow up stabilizing bandage can stabilize a broken bone, sprain, and heavy bleeding.

Design Hall Light Can Be Used As A Flashlight And GPS Locator In An Emergency

An ordinary hall light by day, SAVE:US can be used as pull-down torchlight in case of emergency situations.

Design (Pic) A Minimalist First Aid Kit

We like this good looking first aid kit by Radius