Brand Activation & Immersion Southwest Airlines Invites Shark Week Superfans To In-Flight Premiere

The airline created a special shark-themed flight with an exclusive 'Shark Week' pre-premiere hosted by marine biologist Luke Tipple, in an effort to showcase its brand personality to consumers

Food & Beverage Polluted Air Is Being Turned Into Sustainable Fish Food

Farmed fish could soon be eating feed made from excess carbon dioxide in the air

Cafe & Restaurant Europe's First Underwater Restaurant Functions As Marine Research Center

Snøhetta's creation offers a view of the seabed through the changing seasons

Advertising Sustainable Brewery Feeds A Fish Farm With Its Waste

A brewery teamed up with a fish farm to recycle their old water and grain to

Retail The Future Of Sustainable Seafood Could Be Growing In A Lab

A California-based biotech startup wants to get lab-grown fish on the market to combat the world's environmental problem of overfishing

Design A Remote Town Is Turning Death-Trap Debris Into World-Class Art

Washed-up fishing nets plague a Cape York community—but locals are winning global acclaim for repurposing them

Design Growing Fresh Produce With Aquaponics Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Aquapioneers' open source kit lets you print your own aquaponics ecosystem

Technology This Robot Fish Could Make Fish Farms More Productive

A robot fish that moves like a real one helps detect changes in aquatic environments without disrupting the ecosystem

Advertising French Supermarket Uses Snapchat To Prove How Fresh Their Fish Is

The supermarket chain U partnered with TBWA Paris for a campaign that takes advantage of Snapchat's 24-hour limit on Stories

Technology Get A Call From A Japanese Fisherman As Your Morning Alarm

Hate early morning wake-ups? Fisherman's Call will let you start your day by chatting with one of the fishermen fishing in the Sanriku coast of Japan

Advertising Plush Toys Teach Kids About Sea Pollution

These cute mascots called Pollutoys are meant to teach kids to be more environmentally conscious

The World's First Floating City Is Set To Be Unveiled In 2020

The project was conceptualized by a team of San Francisco-based marine biologists and nautical engineers

Fitness & Sport Underwater Drone Wants To Revolutionize Fishing

Powerray is designed to pinpoint and send real-time images back to people fishermen

Food & Beverage Food Bank Builds Its Own Farm To Raise Vegetables And Fish

Missassauga Food Bank has found an efficient way to grow its own produce and raise fish