Fish and humans

Automotive Volvo Constructs Interiors Made From Ocean Waste

The V90 Ocean Race uses nylon from discarded fishnets

Cafe & Restaurant Europe's First Underwater Restaurant Functions As Marine Research Center

Snøhetta's creation offers a view of the seabed through the changing seasons

Food & Beverage The Future Of Sustainable Seafood Could Be Growing In A Lab

A California-based biotech startup wants to get lab-grown fish on the market to combat the world's environmental problem of overfishing

Advertising Get A Call From A Japanese Fisherman As Your Morning Alarm

Hate early morning wake-ups? Fisherman's Call will let you start your day by chatting with one of the fishermen fishing in the Sanriku coast of Japan

Design Pop Culture Sushi Masterpieces Inspired By Streetwear

Sushi chef Yujia Hu creates figures and footwear made of traditional sushi ingredients for his Instagram

The World's First Floating City Is Set To Be Unveiled In 2020

The project was conceptualized by a team of San Francisco-based marine biologists and nautical engineers

Technology Food Bank Builds Its Own Farm To Raise Vegetables And Fish

Missassauga Food Bank has found an efficient way to grow its own produce and raise fish