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Post Purchase Service & Support AI-Powered Fitness App Gives Users In-Workout Feedback On Their Squat Form

Kaia Health's interactive app tracks movement with a 16-point system that compares users' form against the ideal pose, offering exercisers a virtual personal trainer and customized feedback at the most opportune moment for improvement

Fitness & Sport App Uses Negative Reinforcement To Help People Reach Fitness Goals

The new Fitbit-linked app will keep users' money should they fail to keep their fitness goals

Advertising Adidas Launches A Fitness App To Keep Athletes Motivated

The platform provides inspiration around movement, nutrition, mindset, and rest

Retail Earn Discounts Every Time You Exercise

Earthmiles is a new app that offers a 'frequent flyer mile-like' rewards program for those who regularly work out

Health Your Annoying Roommate Just Became Your Newest Fitness App

Sarcasm reigns with this sassy health-tracking app

Home Tracking Under Armour’s 5 Steps to Building a Brand Ecosystem

Retailers must build an environment of products, content, licenses and experiences

Innovation Your Next Diet Coach Is Always At Arm's Reach

Personalized advice and motivation, along with logging of activity levels and food disciplines, are keys in achievable weight loss

Technology FitCoin Rewards Workouts in Bitcoin

Fitness app encourages you to break a sweat for money's sake