Retail Chainless Design Heralds IKEA's First Step Into Cycling

Furniture giant offers a customizable and user-friendly bicycle that comes in flat-pack form

Design Flat-Pack Home Built In Less Than A Day [Video]

Designed by architects Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, 'Homeshell' is a three and a half story building made up of flat-pack panels.

Design Emergency Shelter Provides Emotional Retreat For Victims [Pics]

Customizable design gives disaster victims a sense of ownership and separation when they want it.

Innovation Flat-Pack Truck Can Be Built In Less Than 12 Hours

Multi-purpose vehicle could provide affordable transportation to communities in Africa

Design Flat 'CD' Folds Into A Fully-Functional Computer Mouse

In this concept design, Taewon Hwang imagines a peripheral that can be stored inside a CD ROM drive but function as a controller when opened.

Design Flat-Pack Earrings Ship As A Postcard [Pics]

The ‘Faunealea’ plywood and acrylic jewelry from OOO My Design comes in various animal forms and needs to be assembled by the buyer.

Home Stainless Steel Table Folds Down Into A Mailable Envelope [Video]

Postable is al design available in three sizes, which can be shipped as a regular letter and then unfolded to assemble.

Design Furniture Assembles Like A Puzzle, With No Nails, Glue, Or Bolts [Pics]

Konstantin Achkov's Stack Furniture is a range of flat-pack chairs and tables made up of interlocking plywood pieces.

Retail Design Your Own Custom Furniture Pieces At IKEA Prices

Evolvex allows consumers to create bespoke storage solutions that are simple and affordable.

Advertising IKEA Uses Its Product Instructions As A Hiring Mechanism

The company inserted "career instructions" into flat-pack furniture packaging to find new staff for its new megastore.

Advertising Canadian Furniture Retailer Pokes Fun At Assembly-Required Products [Pics]

Urban Barn's 'No Assemble Required' campaign featured flat-pack cardboard boxes around Vancouver.