Technology Voice Service Provides Internet Access To The Digitally-Illiterate

Verbal is a audio-enabled platform that wants to give Internet access to people who don’t own computers or mobile devices.

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Saturday Night Live comes to China, DARPA creates a vanishing battery, and more.

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Organizations are beginning to require increased collaboration as the basis of their culture.

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Technology Easily Share Photos From Last Night With Friends

iPhone app Flock eliminates the need to email people party photos, instead letting you create a shared album with friends using location information.

Technology Flock Shutters Social Web Browser [Headlines]

Flock, the 5-year-old social web-browser, is going out of commission. Support for the browser will be discontinued on April 26. USA Today

Advertising RockMelt: A New Social Web Browser

Netscape alum launch a new social web browser - integrating social features before major competitors adopt the same.