Automotive Land Rover's Foldable Cabin For Two Withstands Freezing Temperatures

The miniature structure folds up to fit in the back of an SUV and can keep a couple warm in below-freezing temperatures for winter adventures

Design Longboard Design Folds Up To Fit Into A Backpack

The BoardUp is a longboard design created to go with riders wherever they travel

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Foldable Scooter Wants To Make Commuting Easier

Immotor Go is a foldable transportation device that can pair with your phone for easier control

Design Oru Kayak's Latest Model is Backpacker and Environmentally Friendly

Foldable boating brand now building models from recyclable plastics

Innovation High-Performance City Bike Folds Up In Seconds

Vello bicycle offers innovative design for easy commute on public transportation

Design Folditure Furniture Designed to Fold into Hangable Flat Silhouettes

The company creates folding chairs and tables that allow for optimal space-saving

Work Space-Saving Chair Transforms Into A Suitcase And Back [Video]

This magician-designed chair folds away effortlessly.

Design One-Size-Fits-All Bike Helmet Folds Up Like An Accordion

Carerra introduces an expanding and contracting helmet that has an elastic fitting system that molds to the rider’s head.

Design Flat 'CD' Folds Into A Fully-Functional Computer Mouse

In this concept design, Taewon Hwang imagines a peripheral that can be stored inside a CD ROM drive but function as a controller when opened.

Design Foldable Keyboard Simplifies Smartphone Typing

Elecom and One2Touch design a portable keyboard that doesn’t need to be plugged in or charged, and can be used for 3-5 years.

Work Origami-Inspired Whiteboard Folds Instantly To Fit In A Pocket

Portable noteboard turns any space into a conference room.

Home Stainless Steel Table Folds Down Into A Mailable Envelope [Video]

Postable is al design available in three sizes, which can be shipped as a regular letter and then unfolded to assemble.

Advertising Ray-Ban Unveils Foldable Aviator Sunglasses [Pics]

The American sunglasses brand reinvents its iconic style in a travel-friendly form.

Design Origami Kayak Unfolds & Is Ready-To-Use In Minutes [Video]

A large artist portfolio quickly assembles into a working boat.