Fitness & Sport Nike+ Provides Exclusive Deals To Digital Users

The new app experience launched with unique timed offers on popular products for members

Advertising Taylor Swift Lets Twitter Fans To Follow Her In Real Life

Singer-songwriter lets a group of followers get a personal glimpse of her promotional tour by having them actually tail her as she went about her day.

Technology Infographic: Who Are The Most Social Retailers? [Headlines]

Study finds that social presence varies by platform; 97% of the top 250 Internet retailers are on Facebook while only 61% are on Pinterest.

Technology Lady GaGa Is The First Person To Pass 20 Million Followers On Twitter [Healdines]

The notorious pop star has the highest number of fans on the social network than anyone else in the world.

Twitter Leak Reveals Costs To Brands Per Follower [Headlines]

The pay models for promoted tweets and accounts revealed in a leaked email.

NASA Gains Followers Faster On Google+ Than On Twitter And Facebook [Headlines]

The government space agency grew to 20,000 followers Google's social networking site in only 4 days.

Gaming & Play NFL's NY Giants Let Fans See Their Tweets On TV

The NFL New York Giants will broadcast live tweets from their fans on television and also on the stadium's game board.

Technology The Power Of #tigerblood: Charlie Sheen Sets Twitter World Record

The controversial actor reached the milestone in just 25 hours and 17 minutes, to accompany his other Guinness record for being the “Highest Paid TV Actor Per Episode — Current,” receiving $1.25 million per show.

Advertising Build Better Relationships With A Social Media Content Strategy

Frank Marquardt, Director of Content Strategy at The Barbarian Group provides five content strategy tips.