Food & Beverage VibePay makes it easy to put on social events and share cost with friends and family

London-based VibePay is a social P2P payment platform that enables users to organize social events, such as concert tickets or group dinners, and then request payments from a group of friends and family via the mobile app to easily get reimbursed for the costs of those events. Event organizers can create different friend groups for each event, tracking who has paid and sending reminders to those who haven’t sent payments yet.

Automotive Consumer Expectations For Retail Experiences In 2020 And Beyond

In partnership with Suzy, PSFK research reveals that tomorrow's consumers will expect increasingly personalized and localized offers and experiences that go beyond mere transactions

Brand Activation & Immersion PSFK Retail Conference Preview: Tomorrow's Store Will Sell Feelings, Not Things

Prior to PSFK's Future Of Retail Conference 2020, YourStudio's co-founder and creative director Howard Sullivan explains why the next gen of retail stores will fulfill consumers with service and spirit instead of stuff

Children Kellogg's x Autism Speaks design sensory "love notes" to help children with autism express love

CPG company Kellogg’s partnered with nonprofit Autism Speaks to make sensory “Love Notes” for autistic children to feel and understand the emotion of love through the sweet snack Rice Krispies Treats. The “Love Notes” are designed into four different stickers appealing to sensory disorders. Each sticker comes in calming colors and in a variety of textures from faux fur to fleece to support children on the autistic spectrum to express love.

Cafe & Restaurant Starbucks China's signing store is dedicated to serving hearing-impaired customers and staff

Coffee chain Starbucks opened Signing Stores in Guangzhou, China, and Washington, DC, which are entirely with deaf and hearing imparied baristas in order to be more inclusive of the Deaf communities. The café ordering system works through two-way digital displays and notepads and integrates a non-sign language option of an electronic board for coffee enthusiasts to hand write their orders. Using vibrating pagers, customers can sense when their purchase is ready to pick up. The stores also offer sign language workshops.

Delivery & Logistics Domino's delivery hotspots allow customers to have pizza delivered to the beach or park

Pizza chain Domino’s allows customers to have pizza delivered to a park, sports field, beach, pool or other outdoor location. When customers place an order online or via mobile app, nearby Domino’s Hotspots will pop up on a map, allowing them to select the most convenient location. Customers then receive directions to the Hotspot along with text message updates about their order, including the driver’s estimated arrival time, so they can meet the driver at the designated location. Domino’s currently has over 150,000 outdoor Hotspots throughout the US. 

Advertising Join PSFK For Our Annual New York Retail Innovation Week Festival In January 2020

Get immersed in our city-wide festival that showcases the most creative and progressive thinking around retail and consumer experience innovation

Beauty Why The Next Decade Has The Potential To Be The Most Inclusive Yet

After a year of progress, inclusivity is poised to change the face of retail and beyond. Here's how the industry is implementing next-gen tech and innovation to enable diverse and flexible experiences that accommodate all

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket The Sam's Club Now app unlocks a personalized and responsive shopping experience using machine learning and data

Warehouse club retailer Sam’s Club is incubating new retail technologies centered around its Sam's Club Now app that let members unlock a more personalized and responsive shopping experience. Machine learning and purchase data automatically generate shopping lists with suggested items, and beacon technology helps guide members through the store. Members can use the app to scan items to pay without waiting in line, as well as place orders for one-hour pick up. The features are currently being tested in its Dallas, Texas, test store before being rolled out nationwide.

Store Experience & Design Café Tu Tu Tango encourages guests to dine while they explore local artwork

Tapas restaurant Café Tu Tu Tango blends together food and art for a fun and quirky dining experience for food and art enthusiasts. Visitors can explore local artwork displayed on the walls and even purchase it, to take home with them. On-site also features live entertainment, tarot readers and open studios to watch artists work.

Cafe & Restaurant Orlando is home to the world's largest permanent ice bar, where patrons can enjoy a chill nightlife experience

It’s easy to cool down in Orlando, especially at this bar which claims to be the world’s largest permanent ice bar. A quarter of the bar is maintained at below freezing temperatures, though guests can warm up at the Fire Lounge to experience nightlife dancing and flaming cocktails. Coats and gloves are also provided by the Ice Princesses at the door.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Orlando World Center hotel's Central Pantry is a grab-and-go alternative for hungry guests

Marriott hotel Orlando World Center’s Central Pantry is open from 6am to 2am to provide guests with easy grab-and-go dining options. The hotel provides a wide range of snacks and beverages from bakery items to salads and craft beer and wine. Central Pantry is one of six eating choices guests have access to during their stay.

Store Experience & Design Orlando Rabbit Care x The Nook partner for popup bunny café to relocate distressed rabbits

Orlando-based restaurant the Nook on Robinson collaborates with the Orlando Rabbit Care & Adoptions for a bunny café pop-up to relocate distressed rabbits and educate the community on adopting. The pop-up features bunnies, snacks and adult beverages in an initiative to create community involvement and increase social impact.