food art

Food & Beverage Photo Series Brutally Murders Some Of Your Favorite Fast Food

The portraits by artist duo Ilka & Franz do away with mealtime regulars in a way that is both beautiful and humorous

Design Store Offers Unique Cutlery And Dishware For Imaginative Dining

The retail outlet features designers who create experimental products that stray from the typical rules of functionality

Innovation Miniature Sushi Packs Flavor In Tiny Bites [Video]

Japanese chef creates meals so small they can fit on a single grain of rice.

Design Gingerbread Homes Mimic World-Famous Art Museums [Pics]

Food artists create a towering version of The Louvre that tastes as good as it looks.

Innovation Edible Textiles Fashion Fabric Out Of Food [Pics]

A tasty project where fabric design meets culinary ingenuity.

Artist Deep-Fries Gadgets As A Comment On Consumer Culture

Popular electronics battered and fried by Brooklyn artist as a criticism of our "fast food" culture that rapidly purchases and discards products.