food design

Design IKEA is Looking At Its Swedish Meatballs with Future Vision

The company's research lab Space10 considers the possibilities insects and lab-grown meat

Design An Extravagant 12-Course Meal In A Can

Designer Chris Godfrey offers the average person the chance to "dine like royalty without the washing up."

Design Common Foods Redesigned To Be Easier To Eat [Pics]

Papila is a platform that examines different ways to interact with food by treating it as a design material.

Syndicated Redesigning Food & Anime-Inspired Jewelry [PechaKucha]

In today's stroll through the PechaKucha archive we uncover a presentation on accessories that bring to life the popular Japanese cartoon artform.

Work Turning Air Into Water & Designing Food [PechaKucha]

The international design hub shares presentations on how to extract water from other resources and the rising careers of a plastics artist.

Design Decadent Chocolate Hand Grenade Filled With Sweets [Pics]

The "Calories Bomb" by Raphael Volkmer can be broken open to reveal the colorful candy inside.

Design The Evolution Of The Oreo [Pic]

The 'face' of one of the most popular cookies has undergone few adjustments since its introduction almost 100 years ago.