food packaging

Delivery & Logistics Tetra Pak's Cubed Design Supports Sustainable And Economic Packaging

As retailers in the food and beverage space increasingly look to provide customers with the lower-cost and eco-friendly products they demand, Tetra Pak offers a stackable, compact, affordable alternative to traditional packaging

Food & Beverage 'Precycling' Concept Aims To Eliminate Food Packaging Waste

MIWA is working to help food and grocery businesses take a step toward more responsible practices

Retail 100% Compostable Food Packaging Has Arrived

Sun Basket has created a new shipping solution in which nothing goes to waste

Design Traffic Light Food Labels Help Shoppers Make Healthier Choices

Red, amber and green labels will appear on most packaging in the UK to try to end shoppers' confusion over what to buy.

Design IKEA Creates Fresh, Simple New Food Packaging [Pics]

Stockholm Design Lab refreshed the packaging, giving it a clean and minimal design with large pictures and lots of blank space.

Innovation Sweden Bans BPAs In Food Packaging For Children [Headlines]

The chemical, a known hormone disruptor, will be prohibited from being used in products intended for kids.

Advertising Bolthouse Farms Markets Baby Carrots As Junk Food

The food company took a different and inventive route when coming up with the campaign for their healthy veg.

Innovation Intelligent Plastic Changes Color To Indicate Stale Food

Scientists have created a smart packaging material that could reduce the risk of consuming spoiled food.

Advertising (Pics) Partners & Spade Exhibit Local Food Packaging

The New York gallery displayed an interesting selection of Brooklyn made food products.

Work (Video) Jamie Oliver On What Needs To Change In Our Food

Jamie Oliver explains how to fix America's problem diet in this video from TED.

Advertising (Pic) Geodesic Doritos Packaging

Basing his design on the shape and texture of the Doritos tortilla chip, Peter Parlov has created a smart redesign of the snack's packaging.