food photography

Brand Activation & Immersion FujiFilm Offers Consumers Instant Noodles Shaped Like Its Film Canisters

The photography brand is promoting its name as well as analogue film by launching film-themed noodles, encouraging purchasers to share photos of their eats on social media

Food & Beverage Count Calories Simply By Taking A Picture Of Your Food

Lose It! using its database and image-recognition technology to capture and streamline the meal-logging process

Innovation Portable Studio Lets Diners Create Food Porn On The Spot [Video]

#dinnercam explores how connectivity is changing our everyday lives in public spaces.

Food Photography Looks More Like Surreal Performance Art

Australian still life stylist Sonia Rentsch has created mealtime masterpieces that capture the motions surrounding food.

Food Photographs Show Meticulously Laid-Out Meals [Pics]

This series of food installations for startup 'FoodThrottle' displays ingredients in a graphical arrangement.

Work Festive Meals Interrupted By Catastrophic Events [Pics]

Natural and man-made disasters ruin beautiful meals in this series by husband and wife duo Davide Luciano and Claudia Ficca.

Advertising PSFK's Top Five Stories Of The Week

A shoe from Google and Adidas that talks back and Facebook vending machine for electronics. We review the best in design, culture, art, fashion.

What A 200 Calorie Meal Looks Like [Pics]

WiseGeek has created a gallery of fruit, vegetables, sweets, cakes, and drinks, to show the varying portion sizes.

Technology Sugar Brand Launches Racy Craigslist Personal Campaign

'In The Raw' has posted fake notices that direct people to a website featuring tasty food photos.

Technology NY Restaurant Creates A Menu On Instagram [Video]

Comodo now lets diners peruse pictures of the dish options and receive recommendations using the hashtag #comodomenu.

Luxury Zagat, Foursquare And Foodspotting Integrate

The new (premium) To-Go Guide features integrated check-in and user-submitted photography.

Gaming & Play Food Photography, The Ultimate Social Media Status Update

The recent surge in food photography as a popular means of checking in with peers on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and personal blogs, in many ways appears to be the digital equivalent of sitting down to a meal with friends and loved ones.