Food politics

Food & Beverage Supermarket Chain Educates Customers On Healthy Eating With In-Store Events

In honor of National Family Meals Month, ShopRite launched a campaign to help families eat better together, offering in-store demos, events and pre-assembled meal kits

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Aldi Refreshes Its Stores To Offer Consumers Healthier Choices

The revamp of the affordable grocer's 1,800 stores will include adding fresher foods along with vegan, vegetarian and organic options, responding to consumer demand in these categories

Merchandising & Curation Concept Store Gives Shoppers A Healthful Grab-And-Go Alternative

The Goods Mart aims to integrate the grab-and-go shopping experience with health and wellness-centric offers in response to consumer demand for the best of both worlds

Store Experience & Design Supermarket Provides Community With In-House Wellness And Event Spaces

North Market, recently opened in the Webber Park neighborhood of Minneapolis, features local produce, a pharmacy and a focus on health and wellness, bringing healthy living to a former food desert

Delivery & Logistics Low-Cost Meal Boxes Educate Consumers On Food Waste

Flashfood has created a program that diverts food from landfills into affordable subscription boxes, now with support from Tyson

Design Agricultural City Concept Would Bring Increased Sustainability to Egypt

The farming complex in Egypt would include hundreds of thousands of acres of land

Retail California Distillery Creates Vodka From Food Waste

A bartender and agricultural economist team up to create a niche in an evergreen category

Technology This App Will Intercept Billions Of Pounds Of Food Thrown Out By Restaurants

Feeding America launched a new tech platform called ‘MealConnect,’ which hopes to streamline organizational efforts to intercept wasted produce

Design 100-Hectare Urban Farm In Shanghai Could Feed Up To 24 Million People

A new urban farming district is headed to Shanghai to dramatically expand the food production of the city

Health Doctors Can Now Write Prescriptions For Produce

Wholesome Wave is trying to get people access to healthy food instead of just medication

Advertising Buy A Carry-On Bag And Give Someone Access To Clean Water

Away luggage and charity: water are collaborating to provide clean drinking water to those in need

Food & Beverage Supermarket Customers Decide The Price Of Food That Is Less Than Perfect

A grocery store in Cologne, Germany is helping alleviate food waste with a new business model

Technology Food Bank Builds Its Own Farm To Raise Vegetables And Fish

Missassauga Food Bank has found an efficient way to grow its own produce and raise fish