Forecast 2020

Retail Editorial Roundtable: How Brands Will Define Meaning In A Mercurial Marketplace

adidas, GE, Pinterest, Allbirds, Helix Sleep, hmbldt and Ready Set Rocket explain why straightforwardness will prove consequential in a consumer-driven landscape

Editorial Roundtable: Brands Must Learn To Resonate As Consumer Platforms

adidas, GE, Pinterest, Stitch Fix, Allbirds, Helix Sleep, hmbldt and Ready Set Rocket lay out how companies and organizations must approach their relationships with empowered consumers

Retail Editorial Roundtable: The Future Of Consumers

adidas, GE, Pinterest, Stitch Fix, American Giant, Allbirds, Helix Sleep, hmbldt and Ready Set Rocket elucidate on consumers' growing power of choice

Entertainment Why A New Generation Of Consumers Are Creating Their Own Entertainment

The Forecast 2020 report explains how user-generated content is creating a fundamental shift in the entertainment industry

Retail How Consumers Are Becoming Their Own Store

The Forecast 2020 report equips brands and retailers with key insights into the changing role of the consumer

Technology Forecast 2020: How Technology Is Empowering A New Age Of Digital Activists

Our latest Forecast 2020 report explains how technology is facilitating collective change

Health How Consumers Are Decentralizing The Health Industry [Forecast 2020]

Our latest report explores the precise reasons consumers exhibiting more autonomy when it comes to medical treatments

Advertising How To Prepare For The Future Consumer

PSFK's Forecast 2020 helps retailers and organizations better partner with a new age of fully-empowered consumer

Retail Why Consumers Are Taking Production Into Their Own Hands [Forecast 2020]

The pillars of personalization and customization will result in a complete reversal of where customers fit into the retail landscape

Consumer Goods Forecast 2020: How To Prepare Your Industry For 2020

Our latest report offers companies a survival guide to maintaining relevance as the power of choice grows in the hands of the individual

Retail PSFK Launches The Forecast 2020 Report

PSFK's Forecast 2020 examines how companies must evolve to offer tools for people to navigate, socialize, consume and live in the world as they see fit