Foursquare Check-Ins

Design City-Wide Foursquare Check-Ins Turned Into Art

Personalized infographic maps of your Foursquare activity.

Technology Foursquare Is Growing But People Have Stopped Checking In [Headlines]

The geolocation app is seeing a shift in behavior from its users.

Home Foursquare App Lets You Phone Home To Mom When You Check-In

#mom sends an automated call or text and a personalized message when you check-in.

Work Foursquare App Shows Check-Ins On A Mock Airport Arrivals Board

Unobtrusive app shows the location of your friends at a glance.

Advertising Mobile Check-In Leads To A Supermarket Adventure

Check-In Recipe makes food shopping a less determined experience by giving people new ideas of what to shop for.

Technology Foursquare Hack 'Intersquares' Shows You Where You've Checked-In With Friends

Find out the places you've been with other users by connecting this app to your account.

Technology Foursquare Passes A Billion Check-Ins [Video]

To celebrate, the team creates a data visualization of what a week of check-ins looks like across the globe.

Advertising Become A Real Mayor For The Day With Grill Mates

Foursquare-based campaign awards the person with the most check-ins to their BBQ the title of honorary mayor of Hunt Valley for one day.

Technology iOS 5 Notifications Will Boost Foursquare Usage

A Business Insider article looks at the effect Apple's new iOS will have on Foursquare users with "check-in fatigue".

Technology Cyberstalking And Location-Based Services

A blogger's story shows how social networks can make users vulnerable to stalkers.