Advertising Cheetos Opened Its Very Own NYFW Beauty Salon

Cheetos superfans could get beauty treatments inspired by the crunchy orange snack, including manicures, makeup and hair extensions

Consumer Goods Doritos Fans Can Keep Their Hands Clean With Towel Bag

The reusable terry cloth bag helps consumers keep their fingers clean while snacking, providing a clever solution to a typical pain point of flavored chip consumption

Food & Beverage Frito-Lay's Alexa Skill Lets Parents Leave Notes In Their Kids' Lunches

Parents can ask Alexa what to write in notes on the snack brand's products, helping support their kids as they return to school

Advertising Doritos Australia Creates Two-Person Sweater Spoof For Valentine's Day

Nothing says love like an Instagram-friendly oversized sweater and some flavored chips

Entertainment Doritos And Mountain Dew Combine Two Super Bowl Ads Into One

The ad from PepsiCo marks the first time a conglomerate has advertised two brands at once during the big event

Entertainment Doritos Campaign Turns Chip Bags Into Cassette Players

Packs feature a built-in cassette deck with the tunes from Guardians of the Galaxy

Home London Bus Shelters Converted into Twitter-Activated Vending Machines

Frito-Lay brand Walkers Crisps gives passersby free packs in return for sending out tweets

Advertising Wayne Brady Acts Out Lays Chips Flavor Suggestions

The famous comedian takes on the challenge of turning bizarre chip flavors into melodies.

Retail 13 Stories You Need To Know Today

Facebook rolls out new 'Share' button, RIM offering free voice calls, and Frito Lay introduces caffeinated Cracker Jacks.... Links to start your day with.

Innovation Frito-Lay Plans To Deploy Fleet Of Electric Delivery Trucks

The vehicles generate zero tailpipe emissions and can run up to 100 miles on a single charge.

Innovation Frito Lay Electric Delivery Truck Spotted In NYC

Frito Lay promotes '100% powered by electricity' message on their Newton truck made by Smith Electric Vehicle.

Luxury How To Update Brands To Make Them Palatable For New Global Markets

The latest SAMMA conference provides insights for businesses entering the Indian market about how to keep their brands relevant.

Design Sun Chips: It's Not Easy Being Green

How can big brands ensure that environmentally friendly packaging redesigns will be appreciated by their consumers?