Brand Activation & Immersion IKEA And Tom Dixon Encourage Urbanites To Grow Their Own Food

The partnership will debut design ideas and products at London's Chelsea Flower Show to encourage urbanites to implement home-agriculture practices for a sustainable global future

Beauty Interview: How A Sustainable Beauty Brand Upcycles Fruit Waste

Terence Chung, scientist and founder of Fruu, discusses repurposing food waste to make sustainable, organic beauty products accessible to younger consumers

Design Tokyo Greenhouse Lights Up When You Touch The Plants Inside

A design event in Tokyo consists of a greenhouse with plants covered in lights visitors can touch to activate the LEDs

Food & Beverage MUJI's New Tokyo Flagship Features A Market With Fresh Fruit And Vegetables

The retail location offers a small but high-quality variety of fruits and vegetables directly sourced from local producers

Retail Bespoke Food Platform Delivers Popsicles In Any Shape You Desire

3D printing platform Pixsweet lets customers design their own ice pops

Entertainment These Mouthpieces Turn Ordinary Fruits And Veggies Into Musical Instruments

The ‘Player’s Pflute’ features a collection of mouthpieces that turn ordinary produce into a range of instruments

Health Doctors Can Now Write Prescriptions For Produce

Wholesome Wave is trying to get people access to healthy food instead of just medication

Consumer Goods Kitchen Device Converts Fruit Into Hard Cider

Alchema brews alcoholic beverages with all the recipes and steps included in an application database

Technology Organic Edible Coating Could Dramatically Extend The Shelf Life of Fruit

Edipeel is an all-natural invisible coating that is designed to keep fruit from spoiling too quickly

Food & Beverage Walmart Is Now Selling 'Ugly' Produce

The retail chain is stocking dented fruits and vegetables in an effort to combat food waste

Food & Beverage A Delivery Service Saves Veggies Deemed Too Ugly for Supermarkets

A crate subscription service reroutes unsightly produce to your doorstep

Design Nurture's Living Fruit Basket

A basket made from a small plant's own roots delivers the freshest harvest possible

Food Photographs Show Meticulously Laid-Out Meals [Pics]

This series of food installations for startup 'FoodThrottle' displays ingredients in a graphical arrangement.

Advertising Artist Projection Maps Everyday Objects [Video]

A messy bedroom and dirty sink are transformed into futuristic pieces of art.