fuel efficiency

Design Car Can Travel Across Country On A Single Gallon Of Gas

For the Eco-Marathon Americas, a student team designed a slick vehicle that can get 2,824 miles per gallon.

Luxury Super-Efficient Car Gets More Than 1,000 Miles Per Gallon

The BYU Supermileage Vehicle only needs one gallon of fuel to travel from Utah to Michigan.

Technology Honda Tells Drivers To Keep Distance To Reduce Traffic Jams

A mobile phone app instructs drivers in real-time to move their vehicles in sync with one another.

Technology Turn VW Away From The Dark Side [Video]

Greenpeace launches a campaign to call on car-maker Volkswagen to do more for the environment.

Advertising New Nissan Leaf Print Ad Boasts More Miles For Your Dollar

Their polar bear advert missed the mark but this print ad comes up with a clever new metric to sell to car buyers.

Innovation UPS Tests Plastic Prototype Truck

Trucks shed 1,000 lbs of weight using ABS plastic instead of sheet aluminum, which resulted in 40% better fuel efficiency.

Design Can Shockwaves Revolutionize Automobile Locomotion?

An amazingly innovative car engine redesign could change the face of personal transport.

Innovation Maersk’s New Triple-E Ships Would Be The World's Largest, Most Fuel Efficient Vessels

The container vessels will have energy efficient features while also carrying more units than smaller class ships.

Innovation New Thermoelectric Engine Will Reduce Fuel Consumption

Researchers from Purdue University and General Motors have created an engine that can potentially improve a vehicle's fuel efficiency.

Design MIT's Green Airplane Uses Less Fuel, Emits Less Pollutants

A potentially revolutionary eco-friendly airplane has been designed by MIT.

Advertising Ford Cars To Map Most Fuel-Efficient Routes

A new car navigation system maps out driving routes based on speed, distance and eco-friendliness.