Design Micro-Algae Factories Could Be A Food And Energy Source For The Home

What looks like a household bauble accessory actually satisfies some of homeowners daily needs.

Technology A Miniature Working Replica Of The Original Macintosh Computer

Classic Apple computer given new life as a shrunken version of its former self.

Work Wave Forecast Tells Surfers Where To Catch The Best Swells

Pascal van der Haar designed the 'Google Swell' concept as a website that provides a simple and functional forecast for surfers.

Innovation Wearable Backpack Is Also A Vest

A combination of fashion and function that is modelled after an astronaut life-support system.

Home Solar-Powered House Twists And Turns With The Sun To Reveal Different Rooms

Michael Jantzen's Transformation House concept design is a self-contained structure that can change its shape for different functions.

Design Multi-Functional Lounge Chair Is Also A Table & Bookshelf [Video]

LLSTOL is a versatile furniture piece that can be converted to suit any purpose.

Design Unfold This Coffee Table From A Single Board [Pics]

The cleverly designed 'Rising Table' nearly self-assembles with a simple pull that makes it transform.

Advertising VITAMINWATER Ads Double As Phone Charging Stations

The energizing drink brand wittily underscores its powering-up characteristics with a campaign that lets you recharge your devices.