Video How The Future Is Being Discussed And Why It Matters

Professor at Temple University and Author Devon Powers believes the trends industry needs to become diversified, in order to create a democratized and decentralized future.

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Smart Magazine is working to bring together future projects designed to innovate modern cities and make them more renewable for the people living there

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To promote the upcoming game Watch Dogs 2, Ubisoft created a platform to show what your profile looks like to large companies looking to market to you

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A new interface technology moves the smartwatch screen to your skin

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A disparate team of 19 professionals had one goal: To create TBD, a potential guide for a probable tomorrow

Innovation Create Your Avatar to Pass On to Future Generations

Yourbot preserves the past by digitally immortalizing your psychological profile

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Understanding desire as a powerful ingredient in the design process for environmentally conscious brands can help brands' sticking power

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Panasonic give us a glimpse into the future of robotics.

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