future of health 2018

Health What Leading Professionals Expect From The Future Of Healthcare

For our Future of Health report, PSFK surveyed over 170 healthcare professionals to get their perspectives on the trends driving the future of the industry

Design Future Of Health: Voice-Activated Devices Provide Diagnoses At Home

Our partners at Dieste developed the concept for an AI plug-in for voice-activated devices that provides first-step diagnostics in the comfort of your home

Design Future Of Health: Rethinking Healthcare Engagement And Service Delivery

Our partners at Artefact Group developed a concept to reimagine how patients can gain access to health services using AI, AR and autonomous vehicles

Retail Future Of Health: WellMate, Your Wellness Concierge

Our partners at Zemoga developed the concept for an AI-based companion to help patients stay engaged and motivated in their path to a healthier, more balanced life

Health IoT Is Giving Patients A Living, Breathing Baseline For Health

PSFK’s Future of Health report explores how sensors and next generation IoT are changing healthcare

Technology 6 Strategies For Creating A More Data-Driven Healthcare System

In our latest Future of Health report, PSFK provides specific recommendations that can help organizations better understand how to leverage large amounts of data in their day-to-day practices

Retail How Data Will Transform Healthcare

Scott Lachut, President of Research & Strategy at PSFK, uncovers key themes from the Future of Health report

Health How AI Is Crunching Big Data To Improve Healthcare Outcomes

PSFK's Future of Health looks into all the ways artificial intelligence is transforming healthcare

Technology PSFK Launches Latest Future Of Health Report

PSFK’s latest Future of Health report explores how the role of data in healthcare has evolved from a static into a living profile that grows with patients