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Technology 4 Core Technologies Shaping The Future Of Manufacturing

PSFK’s Future of Manufacturing report identifies the four technologies leading digital supply chain transformation

Delivery & Logistics How One Manufacturer Uses The Cloud To Optimize Customer Experience

A case study from the Future of Manufacturing shows how Arçelik A.S. provides exceptional post-sales customer service using a Microsoft cloud solution

Consumer Goods 10 Connected Manufacturing Strategies For Business Decision Makers

PSFK's Future of Manufacturing report outlines essential practices to help manufacturers kickstart the path toward efficient cloud-based production

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We round up scenarios from our Future of Manufacturing report that showcase how connected systems are building more efficient production lines—and better products

Interview How ‘Product As A Service’ Manufacturing Is Transforming Business Models

Colin Masson, Global Industry Director at Microsoft, spoke to PSFK about the digital transformations giving rise to a customer-centric business model and the servitization of manufacturing

Consumer Goods How The Internet Of Things Helps Manufacturers Solve Problems Before They Happen

PSFK interviewed Bill Moffett, Global Industry Senior Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft, about the Future of Manufacturing

Technology How Flexible Logistics Enable Manufacturers To Meet Dynamic Demands

A scenario from PSFK’s Future of Manufacturing report shows how a flexible supply chain is able to circumvent issues and meet shifting demands

Consumer Goods Connected Manufacturing: Understanding The Opportunity

By leveraging connected manufacturing technologies, manufacturers can quickly respond to the needs of their customers and partners

Retail Why The Data-Driven Factory Represents The Future Of Manufacturing

Technology enables the collection and analysis of data in real time for more efficient factories, as seen in PSFK's Future of Manufacturing report

Consumer Goods Consumer As Creator: Exploring The Creation Of Custom Products At Scale

PSFK's Future Of Manufacturing report explores implementing versatility into the production line

Retail 4 Forces Driving The Future Of Manufacturing

PSFK's newest study, The Future of Manufacturing, explores four disruptors that are influencing the manufacturing world of tomorrow

Technology Collaborative, Efficient, Tech-Driven R&D Results In Products That Meet Immediate Demand

The Future of Manufacturing report, a collaboration between PSFK Labs and Microsoft, outlines emerging practices in R&D that take new products to market more quickly than ever before

Interview Welcome To The Manufacturing Revolution

Colin Masson, Director of Manufacturing Industry Solutions at Microsoft Cloud & Enterprise, introduces the digital forces behind PSFK's Future of Manufacturing report

Consumer Goods Key Trends Shaping The Future Of Manufacturing

PSFK's newest study The Future of Manufacturing outlines ten key trends that are influencing the manufacturing world of tomorrow