future of retail 2018

Retail Future Of Retail 2018: Connecting Digital And IRL Experiences

At our Future of Retail 2018 conference, speakers shared insights on tech for the in-store experience and amplifying physical events for digital audiences

Delivery & Logistics With Retail Networks, Shoppers Access Faster Delivery And Convenient Returns

Retailers turn to stores and third-party fulfillment to meet customers' expectations for immediate service, research shows in PSFK's latest Future of Retail report

Cafe & Restaurant 4 Ways Retailers Are Using Mobile To Step Up Service In Physical Stores

We round up some of the best examples from our Future of Retail 2018 report of retailers building mobile experiences as part of a future-forward service

Shopper Education & Assistance To Improve The In-Store Experience, Retailers Are Building Out Their Tech

PSFK's Future of Retail 2018 report explores how retailers are integrating tech into the in-store experience, using mobile, AI and the Internet of Things

Interview At Platform LA, Future Malls Are Experience Buffets

We sat down with Platform founder and CEO Joey Miller to discuss how the retail space is delivering experiential pop-ups, installations and culinary partnerships

Advertising How Westfield Is Using IoT Tech To Top Amazon In The Physical World

We sat down with OneMarket President and Westfield Corporation Board Member Don Kingsborough to discuss how OneMarket is transforming a fragmented industry into an integrated one

Loyalty & Membership How Nordstrom Underpins The Shopper Experience With Data

PSFK's Future of Retail Report unpacks how Nordstrom is among the first and most efficient in blending hallmark stores with digital capabilities

Merchandising & Curation How Retail Spaces Can Forge Connections With Community Events

PSFK's Future of Retail 2018 report takes a look at social events and experiences that bring communities together within stores

Shopper Marketing & Promotion Why Retailers Should Program Stores Like Galleries

Rotating brick-and-mortar displays and experiences give customers continued opportunities for discovery, in a trend from PSFK's Future of Retail report

Transactions & Payments A New Framework For Blended Retail

In The Future of Retail 2018, PSFK Labs presents a new retail strategy for the convergence of online and offline commerce

Merchandising & Curation Welcome To A New Retail Reality

PSFK's Future of Retail 2018 report presents a new framework for physical, online and mobile retail

Retail Could Mobile's Rise & Desktop's Decline Save Retail, Stop Amazon?

The relative decline of desktop internet shopping could provide new opportunity for stores to engage customers, at the expense of pure-plays

Technology The End Of The Digital-Offline Retail Divide

Key stats from our Future of Retail 2018 report show how online and offline retail can exist together

Delivery & Logistics Amazon Evolves Into Offline Retail, Keeping Convenience As Its Core

PSFK's Future of Retail 2018 report takes a look at Amazon's expansion into brick-and-mortar retail