Design Pocket Drone Doubles As A Phone Case

This autonomous quadcopter was designed by an orthodontist based on his experience overcoming small technical challenges

Home Modular Light System Designed To Gracefully Become Obsolete

Teague Labs has introduced a lighting unit to do much more than light up a room

Technology Contraband Recorder Helps Those In Need Capture Captive Conversations

Designer Marianna Mezhibovkaya created the device to help prison inmates capture crucial evidence of abuse

Innovation Photo Trigger Device Turns Smartphone Into Booby Trap

Triggertrap Mobile connects your smartphone to a camera for light-hearted snooping

Design Personal Beacon System Can Automate Your Life

Whether you want to know if your kids are headed home or need Pandora to switch on when you approach your car, a small gadget is at your service

Home 'Cocoon' Device Complements Decor While Providing Home Security

Smart gadget senses activity throughout one's home and learns normal behaviors to avoid sending false alarms

Gaming & Play Deep-Fried Gadgets Visualize Quickly-Devoured Technological Fads

Photo series by Henry Hargreaves conveys our fast-food approach to technology

Advertising Hand-Held Frame Helps Students Capture Still-Life Perspective [Video]

A new measuring tool aims to instantly and simply improve a drawer’s technique.

Technology Window Device Turns Noise Pollution Into More Pleasant Sounds [Video]

Sono is an advance noise-canceling gadget that lets people be selective about the outdoor noise they hear.

Technology High-Tech Military Suit Gives Soldiers Superhuman Abilities [Video]

The TALOS project will allow a soldier to walk through a barrage of bullets unharmed.

Work Robotic Bartender Learns Owners's Habits To Create Personalized Drinks [Video]

Monsieur will pour a drink when a certain sports team wins, or when there's company.

Technology Sensor Kit Allows Blind Cyclists To Ride Independently

Visually impaired people can now cycle safely with the UltraBike unit.

Advertising U.S. Open To Debut A Giant Social Media Wall To Engage Fans Worldwide

Digital installation to encourage tennis-enthusiasts to join the conversation online.

Advertising Coca-Cola Offers Fans Mini 3D-Printed Figurines Of Themselves [Video]

The beverage giant utilizes 3D-printing technology to create souvenirs for its customers.