Brand Activation & Immersion Disney Parks Gamifies Waiting In Line For Its Rides

Play Disney Parks is making waiting in line part of the ride, letting people interact with one another and engage with the ride they're waiting for in augmented reality games

Advertising Amazon's Alexa Will Play The Host Of A Trivia Board Game

This type of game could increase the appeal of AI assistants to a wider range of audiences

Design Classic Card Game Uno Has Been Redesigned For Color-Blind People

Mattel has redesigned the card game so that it is easier for people with visual impairments to play

Gaming & Play Creative 20-Sided Dice Act As A Pocket Startup Advisor

The multi-sided dice are covered in clichéd phrases like "disrupt the market" that jokingly advise startup founders on what to do next

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In 'Arranged!,' players try to avoid an unwanted marriage

Children Game Teaches Kids How To Code With LEGO Bricks

Algobrix looks to translate the principles of coding into a simple build-and-play interface

Technology This Paper Game Set Is Like An Adult Coloring Book For Makers

Papier Machine has 13 paper-based electronic toys that can be cut, colored, folded and assembled

Entertainment Hasbro Has Created A Subscription Service For Board Games

The toy brand launched a new board game subscription service that gives people access to three different board games every three months

Health NYCxDesign: Exhibit Offers Reality Check Of Social Institution Decay

Problems surrounding immigration, medicine and education and other topics are experienced through games and personal interactions

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