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Design Can Sony And Nintendo Reclaim Mobile Gaming Crown From Smartphones?

The iPhone 5s is Apple's most powerful gaming device yet, and games revenues on iOS and Android are soaring. How will 3DS and PS Vita respond?

Advertising Are Microsoft And Zynga A Match Made In Heaven?

Reports claim that Microsoft was in talks with the social game publisher for an acquisition deal that would complement the launch of the Xbox One.

Gaming & Play How Intelligent Cities Are Engaging Citizens With Gaming

City dwellers in Bristol can interact with urban objects and infrastructure that can then converse with city systems to manage traffic.

Innovation Is It Finally Time For A Pride And Prejudice Video Game?

Jane Austen's famous novel is already about subverting traditional systems, so it could lend itself quite well to the digital medium.

Home Graphics Company Launches Google-Supported Gaming Console [CES]

Nvidia's Android-powered device features a full-sized controller and PC streaming capabilities.

Syndicated Video Game Tests Players Ability To Fight Pain

The Science Museum has commissioned a new interactive experience called 'Ouch' that lets users decide how they want to medicate to create relief.

Technology Are Game Developers Tired Of The Console Generation?

As game designers continue to leave large studios, is this a sign that the current game machines have run their course?

Advertising What Zynga's CEO Believes Is The Future Of The Company

With the social gaming giant teetering on the edge of a cliff, the Mark Pincus explains how he sees things.

Work Do We Need Laws To Stop App Makers From Taking Advantage Of Children?

With such high prices and no passwords required to purchase while playing a game- should the government or Apple set policies to safeguard kids?

Design What Is Ouya?

A kickstarter campaign for a new hackable gaming console designed by Yves Behar already has over 20k backers.

Gaming & Play Zynga Unleashes New Social Network

The social games giant hopes to assuage investor concerns over stagnation by revealing their 'With Friends' platform.

Syndicated Do Guns Kill People, Or Do Video Game Players?

Of 204 parents surveyed, 36% reckoned their teenagers had become more 'aggressive' than they used to be, but are violent games really the cause?

Technology How Is 'Draw Something' Evolving To Be More Social?

The latest must-have app has the potential for new features, TV possibilities and localisation plans to make it even more interactive.