Advertising How Brands Can Get In The Game

It's off to the races for 2020. Here's why everyone from retailers to content creators is betting on gaming to innovate their reach—and inspiration for how you can get in the game

Beauty Snapchat X 8x4 deodorant debut digital festival activated through snap codes

Social media platform Snapchat teamed up with German deodorant brand 8x4 to launch an entirely digital festival. For the festival, 8x4 created a limited-edition animal-themed packaging that featured Snap codes, Snapchat's QR-like tool, which can activate themed Snap lenses on Snapchat's app. Users can upload a Snap with these lenses to receive a personalized pass to the festival, which featured exclusive video content from five influencers.

Entertainment Kelllogg's digitally enabled packaging unlocks interactive comics and games

Food corporation The Kellogg Company launched a digitally enabled packaging for several of its products in partnership with Sony Pictures Entertainment’s film Spider-Man: Far From Home. Each product contains unique elements such as an interactive comic and a themed game that can be unlocked when scanned with a smartphone camera.

Fashion & Apparel Nike SNKRS X NBA 2K20's app inspires consumers to play for limited-edition kicks

Sportswear brand Nike's exclusive sneakers app SNKRS and game NBA 2K20 teamed up to release Gamer Exclusive, a line of ten limited-edition sneakers that can only be unlocked through playing NBA 2K20's new MyPLAYER Nation mode. The mode, co-created by two parties, allows players to select their favorite team and play with other fans throughout the 2019-20 NBA season, where the game mirrors the real NBA schedule. To purchase the sneakers, players must link their NBA 2K20 account with their Nike SNKRS mobile app, which allows them to earn the opportunity to buy the sneakers upon reaching specified milestones. Instead of releasing the entire line, Nike is releasing each style of sneakers one by one throughout the season, reinventing the product "drop" model and incentivizing customers to stay tuned. 

Children LEGO's Replay program provides free return shipping labels for customers to donate their unused toy bricks to children in need

Toy company LEGO’s Replay program provides free return shipping labels for customers to donate their unused toy bricks to children in need. After being returned, the pieces are sorted and cleaned, then sent to classrooms in need. Replay boosts LEGO’s sustainability while contributing to charity, all without asking too much of the customer.

Brand Activation & Immersion How Rec Room Is Providing Digital-First Audiences A Space To Build Relationships

The CEO of the VR platform that allows people from all over the world to connect with each other in user-designed rooms and games tells PSFK about creating meaningful social experiences thanks to cutting-edge creative tech

Analysis How Developers Like ViewR Build Connections On VR-Enabled Social Networks

Virtual reality social media, which allows people to meet up and interact digitally, means that texting and posting might soon be irrelevant in an online environment that allows a new kind of face-to-face interaction

Features How Developers Are Using AR To Encourage Interactive Gaming

Augmented gameplay takes live video from phone cameras and transforms it into immersive worlds that drive social, in-person gameplay with AR avatars and enemies

Consumer Goods How Brands Like Apple Use Subscription Services To Simplify Gaming

Instead of buying individual games, consumers can now purchase subscription services to entire gaming catalogues, making the selection process much easier and streamlined

Gaming & Play PSFK Research Paper Launch: Innovating The Digital Gaming Ecosystem

Here's how the video game industry is looking to the world of entertainment for inspiration, taking cues from streaming platforms and innovative technologies to present more accessible, engaging and immersive gaming experiences

Gen Z Fortnite Gamers Can Play As John Wick, Wear His Gear And Visit His Home

The popular online game and the action trilogy collaborated on a playable experience including exclusive virtual opportunities like purchasing costumes and limited-edition popup games

Post Purchase Service & Support Retro Handheld Gaming Console Delivers Exclusive Weekly Content

Playdate is a crank-operated mini console that will bring new games from industry greats right to the device owners every week, aiming to compete with the likes of Nintendo and Sony

Food & Beverage Supermarket's Grocery Shopping Video Game Earns Customers Discounts

No Frills' virtual haul mobile and desktop game encourages loyalty members to earn rewards points by finding and collecting digital groceries, while avoiding pitfalls and blocks

Retail How Games Like Overwatch Are Leveraging Voyeuristic Forms Of Play With Participatory Livestream

From PSFK's Innovating The Digital Gaming Ecosystem: Part I report, here's how today's game brands are enabling more immersive experiences with visual participation game-playing options