9 Stories You Need To Know Today

Apple in talks with Comcast, Buzzfeed partners with Whisper and Slate to introduce memberships.

Advertising 10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Pharrell Williams auctions off his much-parodied hat, Sprint launched Wi-Fi calling, Google tries to stop ad fraud, and more.

Design 10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Voting could move to the comfort of your home, Lena Dunham snapchats "Girls" fans, and more.

Luxury 12 Stories You Need To Know Today

BlackBerry acquired for $4.7 billion, Uniqlo to clothe Syrians and China to relax web censorship.

Retail 9 Stories You Need To Know Today

Hurricane Sandy downs HuffPo, Gawker and Buzzfeed, Apple shakes up their executives & Disney buys Lucas film.... Links to start your day with.

Is Gawker Turning Into Reddit? [Headlines]

Gawker Media founder Nick Denton maintains that his company is a tech company, rather than editorial.

Gawker Will Go To Court In Fox Investigation [Headlines]

Gawker, the media blog, wants to investigate whether Fox News is a power base within the Republican Party.

Innovation Gawker Still Struggling With Impact Of Redesign [Headlines]

A quick look at Quantcast shows a pretty appreciable decline in unique visitors to the network's stable of properties. Business Insider

Technology SEO-ing Your Social Capital

Reputation management has been the preserve of big brands and companies for some time now but there is a growing trend in "online reputation management" services for the personal consumer.

Advertising Nick Denton Reflects On Gawker's Redesign Aftermath

Reuters' financial blogger Felix Salmon interviews Gawker founder Nick Denton to gain some insight into how Gawker has adjusted to life after its redesign.

Retail Gap Integrates 'Add To Foursquare' Button In Online Campaign

A new series of web ads tie together the location-based service with the retailer in an innovative collaboration.

Design The New Gawker Evolves Beyond The Blog Format

Nick Denton unveils the 2011 Gawker template and future vision for his media property.

Work Nick Denton Profile

New York magazine profiles new media publishing king.

Advertising Foursquare Gives Active Users Tiered Superpower Access

Foursquare has created levels of tiered access for its users, giving active users more control over the development of the service.