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Delivery & Logistics How IoT Can Prevent Manufacturing Problems Before They Occur

Manufacturers are using the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to enable better safety protocols and quicker fixes to maintenance issues

Home GE Appliances Created A Touchscreen Hub For Home Kitchens

The multifunctional unit provides users with the ability to video chat and watch tutorials while cooking

Retail This Entrepreneur Wants To Turn Australian Shoppers Into Dedicated Online Consumers

How Melbourne entrepreneur Ruslan Kogan sees the new world of retail

Food & Beverage App Connects To Appliances To Help Home Cooks Manage Meal Prep

A new app called Innit connects to smart appliances from several brands, helping users plan and execute daily dinners

Advertising Inside The Booming Business Of Nation Branding

These days, every place in the world wants to market its unique identity—and an industry has sprung up to help put them on the map

Brand Activation & Immersion Why Advertising Is Moving From Digital To Experience-First

From our Advertising Playbook, brands looking to reset their relationship with consumers are investing in high-involvement experiences, amplified by interactive engagements and social sharing

Advertising Women Scientists Illuminate Grand Central Terminal With 'Unseen Stars'

GE worked with agency BBDO to honor women scientists in new campaign

Technology Buzzfeed Made A Connected Hot Plate That Syncs With Viral Cooking Videos

The Tasty One Top helps you get social media-worthy results

Design New And Improved Google Glass Returns As A Tool For Businesses

Google Glass Enterprise Edition is made to be faster and tougher

Editorial Roundtable: 9 Bold Consumer Predictions For The Year 2020

adidas, GE, Pinterest, Stitch Fix, American Giant, Allbirds, Helix Sleep, hmbldt and Ready Set Rocket tell us what they predict for the year when consumers fully seize away control from brands, retailers and institutions

Retail Editorial Roundtable: How Brands Will Define Meaning In A Mercurial Marketplace

adidas, GE, Pinterest, Allbirds, Helix Sleep, hmbldt and Ready Set Rocket explain why straightforwardness will prove consequential in a consumer-driven landscape

Home Never Worry About Running Out Of Laundry Detergent Again

GE has added Amazon Dash buttons as a standard built-in function on its new connected washer and dryer

Advertising The Top Global Brands Pushing The Boundaries Of Advertising

At our NYC Future of Advertising Event, PSFK Labs will explore leading marketing strategies from best-in-class companies

Entertainment Drones Are Giving A Behind-The-Scenes Look At What's Powering The Olympics

GE takes viewers behind-the-scenes with a live stream of what's enabling the events