Brand Activation & Immersion DNA-Testing Co Lets Customers Experience Their Genes In Real Life

As a complement to its online genetic testing, 23andme created a two-day activation where interactive rooms brought DNA genetic testing and analysis to life, increasing awareness of its service

Health Start-Up Designs Customized Health Plans Based On Users' Genetics

OME Health harnesses the power of biology to craft personalized and relevant exercise and nutrition programs for its customers, offering expert guidance tailored just for their needs

Podcast Podcast: Redesigning The Healthcare Service Experience

PSFK founder Piers Fawkes talks to Nutrigene founder and CEO Min FitzGerald about delivering fully personalized health products and services

Delivery & Logistics Interview: Deploying Health Data To Deliver Customized Nutrition

Nutrigene CEO Min FitzGerald describes how her company honed the health and wellness experience by personalizing supplements for every customer

Retail How Health Startups Are Creating Custom Medications And Diets At Scale

Breakthroughs in manufacturing techniques and genetic testing are moving the industry closer to a future where patients can expect custom healthcare

Technology Genome Company Wants People To Sell Their Biometric Data On The Blockchain

Nebula Genomics is using blockchain technology to aid in the development of genomic data

Cafe & Restaurant Restaurant Provides Meals Geared Toward Specific Genetic Needs

Vita Mojo has teamed up with DNAFit to help customers give their bodies exactly what they need

Design Modern Biohacker Is Enabling Anyone To Experiment With Their DNA

Biohacker Josiah Zayner wants to build a future where humans can modify their own genetics structure

Design Gene Editing: Disrupting Today’s Therapeutics Industry And Revolutionizing The Future of Medicine

Dr. André Choulika, CEO of gene editing company Cellectis, discusses how gene editing presents great promise for the future of medicine

Health The Origins of Gene Editing: Why Manipulating Genes is Nothing New

Dr. André Choulika, CEO of gene editing company Cellectis, discusses how humanity has been manipulating genes for millennia without realizing it

Merchandising & Curation What’s Your End Of Life Plan?

We sat down with Caregoals founder and CEO Blaine Warkentine to discuss how now is the time for US to finally lead the way to better aging

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PSFK’s Future of Health report explores how sensors and next generation IoT are changing healthcare

Technology Roundtable: The Patient Will See You Now

We turned to a handful of health industry experts get their crystal ball predictions on what the future of health holds

Health This Company Is Trying To Become A One-Stop-Shop For DNA Products

Helix is offering a buy-what-you-need approach to genome sequencing