Food & Beverage Sweetgreen Gave A Local Market A Sustainable Makeover

The LA-based chain teamed up with the owner of Hank's Mini Market to provide healthier food options to local residents, using its resources to boost small business instead of pushing it out

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Home to iconic movie scenes and late-night cheap feasts, New York’s diners have been dramatically declining as a result of rising rents. Photographer Riley Arthur set out to document those remaining

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The contemporary building is aimed at baby boomers who no longer need a large family home in the suburbs

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What if a city allowed a huge regeneration project to be led, not by the wealthiest property developer, but by the club owners who put on the best parties in town?

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A controversial law limiting new restaurant openings has pitted business owners against those who believe they are fighting for Canada’s ‘culture capital’

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Professionals hope to reclaim neighborhood’s cultural identity with black-owned business

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When greed makes a place like New York or London unaffordable, the non-wealthy leave, and the city loses the smells and tastes that made it great

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How one artist predicts people will protect themselves 400 years from now.

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Anonymous photographs document the face of urban transformation in Harlem.

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A new media art project explores cultural tensions in Amsterdam as part of Mediamatic's Noord exhibition.

Forging Mexico's Identity Through Street Sounds

The country declares a National Sound Week in an attempt to maintain their cultural heritage.

Advertising Monocolumn: Neighbourhood Gentrification

Berlin’s Mitte neighbourhood has built up a reputation for being the city’s cultural hotspot. It’s known as the home of galleries and designers’ studios and all the independent and inspiring shops and restaurants. But the property market is putting an end to all of this.