Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Hilton Loyalty Program Personalizes Guests' Stay With Curated Recommendations

Members of the hotel brand's loyalty program can explore the neighborhood around their hotel and receive personalized suggestions thanks to Foursquare technology

Advertising Domino's Dom Juan Helped U.K. Tinder Users Pick Up Valentine's Dates

By swiping right on Dom Juan, users got a string of cheesy pick-up lines to try on Valentine's Day

Health Geolocation Automatically Sets Up Health Insurance For Travelers

Fintech startup Revolut links users to international health and dental coverage based on where they are for as little as £1 per day

Retail Foursquare Redesigns Its Check-In App To Be More Personal Than Social

This app lets you record the places you've been and keep the memories to yourself

Retail Say Hello To The First Augmented Reality Messaging Platform

Neon allows users to interact with their friends through augmented reality messages

Design Self-Cleaning Bag Cleans Smelly Gym Clothes In Minutes

Paqsule uses LED lights to kill bacteria so you never worry about washing your gym clothes the night before a work-out again

Fashion & Apparel Vibrating Jeans Act As A Wearable GPS

Spinali Design’s line of clothing can be paired with a phone move alerts from the device to your body

Technology Social Network Designed To Keep People Safe

Reach is an app that notifies people about recent crime in their area and lets them report any emergencies

Health This Health App Will Track And Curb Outbreaks During The Olympics

The Brazilian Ministry of Health is encouraging attendees to monitor their condition during the games

Millennials Dating Service Wants To Make Sure You Never Have Another "Missed Connection"

Happn's new feature lets users expand their potential pool of dates

Gaming & Play Broadcast Your Cannabis Joy with Anonymous Geolocations

Who is Happy wants users to (safely) tell the world how much they love pot, and thereby incite social change

Technology Given 3 Words, App Can Lead You Anywhere on Earth

The geolocation platform is out to simplify navigating the world for everyone in it

Technology Heat Map Generated From Social Media Posts Warns Teenagers Of Over-Sharing

Since geolocated posts could put you at risk of burglary and theft, new graphic keeps people aware of their usage.

Technology Creating A Dynamic, Mobile Life Diary [PSFK SEATTLE]

Saga app scans keeps track of the places you've been to in order to create a rich picture of your day-to-day existence.