Georgia Tech

Fashion & Apparel This Rainbow Textile Can Power Gadgets Using The Sun And Movement

The Georgia Institute of Technology has developed a fabric that harvests natural energy for smart clothes

Design Sunglasses will Change Lens Color with a Button Press

Scientists have come up with a tinted sheet that reacts to volts by quickly changing colors

Technology Biometric Keyboard Grants Access Based on Keystrokes and Bioelectricity

Researchers have developed a non-mechanical intelligent keyboard that could increase security for computer users based on keystrokes, typing habit, and finger size

Innovation Top Five Health Innovations Of The Week

A device that could keep your heart beating forever and an electronic tattoo that gathers sophisticated biometric data.

Innovation Generator Can Harvest Energy From The Subtlest Of Movements [Pics]

Researchers have developed a triboelectric generator that collects energy from stop-start movements.

Innovation Virtual Menus Give Patrons More Nutritional Information

A virtual menu offers up all the information you could want at a restaurant.

Innovation Recyclable Solar Cells Made From Trees

Team from Georgia Tech and Purdue develop energy production device made from recyclable organic material.

Design Touch Sleeve Helps Children With Disabilities Use Tablets

The Access4Kids device allows otherwise motor-skill impaired children to use the technology.

Gaming & Play PSFK Picks: Top 10 Health Innovations Of The Week

From an exoskeleton designed to helped the earthbound and astronauts alike to a DNA test to tell you if those crunches will work, we bring you the most innovative stories from the world of wellness research.

Technology Robot Helps Rebuild Disaster Zones From Surrounding Debris

Georgia Tech receives funding from the Navy to develop a cognitive-thinking humanoid bot.

Work Text Without Looking At The Screen With A Braille-Style Interface

Georgia Tech researchers create a prototype for touch-screen mobile devices that can enable users to text without looking at their screens.

Work What's The Latest Clean Energy To Power Your iPod? You.

Will portable electronics be powered by the human body? Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology think so.

Innovation Robot Gives Bed Baths To Patients

A robo-nurse ensures personal hygiene of patients in the hospital.

Home Why We Love Roombas: They're Just Like Us

A study conducted by the Georgia Tech, examines our relationship with technology, in this case Roombas.